Friday, November 8, 2013

To Sweet Charli, on Your 1st Birthday

I was thinking today about what a sweet addition you are to our family. You're different from the boys, as you should be. You're more calm, more snuggly, more interested in's so fun to see the difference.
I've had lots of friends who had girls while I had boys. I always said, boys and girls are different from the get-go. You are true to's crazy.

We're developing a sweet little relationship, you and I. I think you're gonna have a great sense of humor. You laugh when we startle you, you're a great snuggler, you turn and look at my face when I'm holding you, and the thumb sucking, oh the thumb sucking is so cute. You've really started communicating more and I know you're understanding me by how you respond with that sweet little "more" sign and excited, expectant look. You're waving "hi" and "bye", you sing the "mo-oh-oh-oh-orse" part of What Does the Fox Say? (the song I will never be able to un-hear) really, whenever we talk about foxes, or sing the song, or hum the's kinda awesome. You're walking a little bit, but like all the others, you tend to stick to crawling since that's so much quicker. You're still a tiny thing but I'm holding onto the thought that you'll appreciate that down the road. Please appreciate it :).

Dressing you is more fun.
Thinking about going to get our nails done together is fun.
Realizing we'll always be the two girls in a sea of 4 men is fun.

I am so excited and proud to be your mom. You make me smile so much every day and I don't take that for granted. I'm thankful for you and especially for your health. You had too many hospital visits in your first year! Stop that. No more. Seriously, we are so thankful for the blessing of overall healthy children.

Charli, you've got 5 of us looking out for you, hugging you, trying to feed you, trying to tackle you, and most importantly, loving you. Happy first birthday!

Your mom

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