Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking forward to Wednesday

That's when things will be back to normal.

All morning I've been trying to pack.
Pack...and quiet Sam's crying.

I love the holidays and I love being around family. There is a downside though once you have a kid. The kid gets totally off schedule. Most likely, he/she has been over-stimulated, held by every family member and then rocked to sleep.

While I wouldn't trade the family time and the time they have with Sam...I've been paying for it for the last 2 days. He will not go to sleep unless he's moving and he wants to be held ALL the time. (Also, he apparently forgot where his thumb is so we're pretty dependent on the pacifier right now. As Bob says, I'm on paci-patrol.) Packing while trying to appease the aforementioned isn't easy.

I'd like to pause here and give a shout out to the Rainforest Swing. It is allowing me to at least post this :).

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