Friday, January 11, 2008


Living in Alabama, you see a lot of ghetto strange things on the road.

I think I saw the smartest guy driving today and I think I feel a little bad for him. He apparently didn't have a large enough car, or a friend with a large enough car, to handle what he needed handled.

Pretty sure he was driving a Toyota Corolla from the early 80s. Mind you, that is not a bad car when it comes to cars. It's obviously been pretty reliable to still be around.

I saw him coming down a hill out of the Lowe's parking lot. I saw his window down and his arm stuck out. I saw him holding a 10-foot piece of gutter or siding or crown molding. It doesn't really matter what it is. The point is, this guy is driving around in a fairly small car, teetering this 10-foot long piece of something out his window.

He was doing a pretty good job of keeping it from dragging on the ground...but keep in mind, he was just leaving the parking lot.

I wonder how far he had to drive...


mego said...

Hi -I'm friends with Julie H and I entered your giveaway. I hope you don't mind that I posted a link to it on my blog - I figured maybe a few more entries would come your way...if it's a problem, let me know and I'll take it down! BTW - you have a beautiful family and your jewelry looks great..

MamaWoos said...

Greta - this doesn't just happen in AL. When we were first married we lived in TN and had to repair the ceiling in our bedroom. This involved a 12 foot long piece of sheetrock which we carrie home on top of our 1978 Toyota Corolla. It was a foot longer than the car. Ya just do what ya have to. It's one of our fondest memories. (PS. As to the reliability of Corollas, we had ours for 26 years). :-) ~Heather

Greta said...

I bet you guys had a much easier time driving! Props to Corollas!