Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow confirmed

I woke up early Saturday morning, around 5.

Not on purpose.

I don't know if Sam cried out or if my sleep-schedule is just permanently messed up, but I did wake up. I decided to look out the window, since our local weather man was calling for some serious snow in the early AM.

You know what I saw? My neighbor's yard looking exactly like I imagine it does every other morning at 5 AM. No snow. Not even any flurries. I was, understandably, disappointed, though not shocked. We're used to the "threat of winter weather" round here.

About an hour later, I woke up again. Yes friends, this was a satisfying night's sleep. Right.

Still, no precipitation at all. You know I was harboring bitter thoughts towards James (local weather man) for getting my hopes up.

Fast forward to later in the day. Went to get a hair cut, then Bob, Sam and I went to Big Mountain Coffee Co. Somewhere during that outing, it started. The beautiful onslaught of snow.

Beautiful but short-lived.

It came down pretty heavily for, oh about 4 or 5 hours. It let up but continued to fall for another hour or so.

And, get this...a little bit! even! stuck! (Are you sensing the dramatized excitement? Because when I say a little bit, I mean about 1/2-1 inch.) I'm not complaining though. Everything, especially the trees and bushes, looked really pretty for about 2 hours.
Then, as quickly as it came, it was gone.


Julie said...

even in pennsylvania, i wake up with the same child-like anticipation, and the same frustration at our weather man. it's no better up here. i don't think we've even had the pleasure of an inch this year! i laughed out loud at your story ;)

when i first moved up here from GA, we had the blizzard of '92... 14 inches. i've had high expectations ever since.

JBL said...

Hey no way! We must have just missed you at Big Mountain. We were there too. And highly disappointed at the snow results.

JBL said...

Seriously. We were there around noon. Why wouldn't we know about it?