Monday, February 4, 2008

Shelf Life

If you didn't know it already, fillings (for cavities) have a shelf life. I remember, when I was younger, hearing something about fillings only being good for 10-15 years and thinking, "oh well, that's a long ways off".

Well I guess this year was my 10th-15th year b/c I had to have one replaced today.

It kinda stinks to go to the dentist, not have any cavities and STILL HAVE TO COME BACK FOR A FILLING. Apparently my dentist graduated...oh third or fourth in her class and gave me a fairly pain-free "re-fill".

I have two positive things to say about my experience today.

1-It only took about 10 minutes.

2-I didn't have to pay anything thanks to dental insurance. Thank you very much BCBS of AL.


JBL said...

Well if that's true I probably need to have my whole mouth redone.

Julie said...

agreed! i didn't know that... scary!

side note: i'm still wearing my earrings.

also - that picture is pretty disgusting.

Greta said...

Just FYI...that is not my mouth. It's a "Google image".

JBL said...

Oh...well that's anticlimactic. I thought I was looking at fresh metal. I wondered how B O B reacted to you asking him to take that picture.