Friday, February 29, 2008

Speed? No, Levaquin

Bob's been sick for a few days now. He even stayed home from work on Monday which is very, very rare. He did not, however, go to the doctor. Who would do that?

Anyway, he seems to have been feeling better so I didn't bug him about it too much. Yesterday, through a series of strange events, he got a few (5) prescriptions called in for himself ... accidentally. Either way, he didn't go pick them up until a short visit with his parents, a promise to take the antibiotic and my gentle urging.

Let me give a little history. Now that we're all "grown-up and old", Bob doesn't stay up very late that often. I can't really blame him since he gets up so early and works an 11 hour day. So typically he's asleep about 5 minutes after he lays down. You know, he is that guy that seriously will fall asleep during the middle of the conversation. Because you know I like to have a conversation at the end of the day, when my brain can slow down and we can chat. Well...I can chat to him.

Anyway, last night we were staining some furniture. (I got a craft table!!! Excitement abounds!) So we went to bed a little later than normal. I was a bit disappointed because we hadn't watched LOST yet. And you know I've gotta watch me some LOST. So, I asked if he'd just like to watch it in bed but no, he was ready for sleep. He did, generously, tell me I could watch it without him. But what fun is that? So I conceded and was about this close to dreamland when he sat straight up and said, "ok, let's watch LOST". I have to admit, I was a bit surprised because of the right-to-sleep-as-soon-as-he-lays-down trend I mentioned earlier.

So we watched LOST and it was a-ma-zing. What a phenomenon. I mean it really is. What will we do when LOST is over? I supposed we'll have to mourn for 4,815,162,342 minutes. ANYWAY...we watched, it was great, then I went to sleep. Around 1 AM, I felt Bob get up but drifted back to sleep because I am a caring, compassionate and doting wife.

Fast forward to early this morning when I got up to feed Sam. Bob was downstairs on the couch. He apparently had slept a total of 35 minutes. Not 30, not 45, 35 minutes. Poor guy.

The weird thing is, he's not least he wasn't around noon today. We'll see what kind of shape he's in when he gets home.

Apparently Levaquin, the antibiotic he's taking, has a side effect of wakefulness.

I'll say.

It's 11 PM Friday night. Bob still isn't sleepy. I think, after much internet research and side effect horror stories, he has decided to quit taking the speed , levaquin.
I have mixed feelings.
No Sleep Bob has been kinda funny. Although, I guess in the name of good health, he does need some sleep each night.

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Rachel Callahan said...

WOW - thats some major side effects there! I've never heard of antibiotics doing anything like that. Poor Bob!! :) No wonder he doesn't go to the doctor!!