Monday, February 11, 2008

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

Lots of random little stuff to blog about today...hope some of it is interesting.

First off, I showed my jewelry at a party on Saturday. The party was actually for kids' clothing (think Southern Living at Home) but the hostess let me tag along. It went pretty well. Unfortunately, she only had about 5 people show up but I sold 5 I was happy! Hopefully I can do a couple more parties (Heather has mentioned throwing one) and really get the word out. I'm having fun and it's a great creative outlet, as well as a good way to make a little money.

Check out this website. They have some really cute bags. The Alaska Trapper is my fav. (in orange of course).

Here's another one. The "JJ" is great! I bought these for my sisters, mom and mother-in-law for Christmas (and at the time, she had a special, buy 4 get 1 free, so I got one too!) I love mine. Seriously. I'm not getting anything for bragging about these things...they are just so convenient.

We had Black Bean Wraps for dinner tonight. They were good!
8, 8-inch tortillas
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1/4 cup salsa
1 pkg. cream cheese, softened
1/4 sour cream
1 cup of shredded pepper jack cheese
roasted red peppers
fresh spinach (or lettuce)

Puree black beans and salsa.
Mix cream cheese, sour cream and pepper jack until smooth.
Spread cheese mixture on tortillas.
Spread black bean mixture over cheese.
Place sliced roasted red peppers over black bean mixture.
Place spinach (or lettuce) over red peppers and roll wraps.

Fresh and easy! Give 'em a try.

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Kara said...

I bought my sister a JJ! It's seriously like the most perfect gift for her..she has more earrings than she can even count!
Thanks for the idea :-)