Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American...or Not, Idol

Tuesdays at 7.
Wednesdays at 8.
And we're down to the final 12.

My favorites include:
Brooke White
Carly Smithson
Jason Castro
David Archuleta
David Cook
*Oops, I forgot Michael Johns!
Kind of in that order, but not exactly.

My not-so favs are:
Kristy Lee Cook
Amanda Overmyer
Ramiele Malubay
Syesha Mercado
David Hernandez

I know, you were all dying to know...

Anyway, I'm not really a huge fan of AI and somehow, I still manage to learn the names, first and last mind you, of just about all the contestants. Definitely all the final 12.
I'm so exciting.

This post reminds me of one of the more stupid things I did in high school. Ashamedly, I was part a group that constructed of a list which named (I can't remember how many) guys and girls that, in our opinion, thought they were a lot better than everyone else.

This list caused quite a stir, including some of us list-makers being suspended. Suspended? Yes, suspended. Now I'll be the first to admit we needed some punishment, but trust me, there were a lot worse things going on in that high school. Either way, it just reminded me.

Soooo, to all you Final 12 that will be reading this blog (long, dramatic pause)......keep in mind that I can't hold a tune and most of the time, don't even like hearing my own self sing. So, I guess with that said, you should be more flattered if you're one of my "not-so favs".

Thanks to BooMama for hosting AI links!


Carol Van Rooy said...

What an adorable blog... so true to life. Thanx for popping by mine for the party.

Come back soon.

Melzie said...

Your blog is gorgeous. Here via Boomama, looking forward to reading more ;) xoxo melzie

Camille said...

Oooh, high school drama. Can't say I miss those days. :)

Robin said...

Hi- I'm here through Boomama. Don't worry - you won't get suspended here lol! I pretty much agree with your favorite list - except for David Cook - I don't get him.

Kristin said...

OH GRETA YOU DID NOT BRING BACK.......THE LIST.... i will NEVER EVER EVER forget those days, fearing walking down the hall with that fluorescent paper flying through the air.....I was banned from so many activities just from that list, it was ridiculous, we were just stupid girls... I teach those grades now, and believe me, there is way worse.....its not as innocent as a little list anymore. Its really sad what happens in schools these days. A guy in our school 9th grade, has been suspended for making other kids boys and girls touch his balls... this is a private school....its really scary...and another guy got suspended for making another kids pay him if he didnt want to get beat up and threatened other guys to beat them up if they also didnt collect money from this poor kid. Im telling you, that list, was NOTHING.....

Kristin said...

OK more on this topic, its got me thinking, we really didnt deserve to get suspended, that was too harsh of a punishment, we werent bad girls, and we were all top students, you know? i juts see my students and think....ok who are the ones who are like I used to be, and it was just too much. I couldnt be a peer leader, on SGA nothing, so many things just because of that......ok next topic....people always have to say other peoples babies are cute (like that episode of seinfeld, "youve got to see the baby") its just a must in society, and of course if its your own child of course you think he/she is cute...but greta, this is a not a FORCED society your son is cute comment, this is my opinion YOUR SON IS THE CUTEST BABY I HAVE EVER SEEN......you can ask Roland, I told him.....ok others are cute too, but Sam, whoa. hes got such a good smile and personality it seems like. I wanna have one like that!

lil ole' me..... said...

We have the same favorites! :)