Sunday, April 27, 2008

I AM the Mom

There's a church behind our house.
They're doing some new contruction which apprently requires some blasting.

We got a letter in the mail the other day from the Seismography company letting us know about the blasting and asking if they could come take pictures of our house. We didn't respond because we got the letter in the afternoon and it asked you to call by 10 AM that morning.

We should've called. I know.

So a few days go by and I'm driving into the garage when a strange car pulls up in front of the house. A man gets out and goes to the front door.

I know he saw me so I walk around the side of the house and ask,
"Can I help you?"
He says, "Yes, your mom or dad home?"
To which I reply, "I AM the mom."

He fumbled around with something like "Oh, I didn't kno- uh, couldn't tell, well you look young."
I told him he guessed's always better to guess a woman is younger.


A few days after that, Sam and I experienced what was probably the closest thing to an earthquake we ever will. The whole house shook.
And, it happened again the next day.


Camille said...

Oh, I'm laughing because I have so been there. Especially at work, when I meet partners or clients, and they look twice at me and wonder if I am some 12-year-old prodigy. No, I'm just a shorty with a babyface.

Same thing at my new house...I met one of the new neighbors and he asked what my parents did. *sigh*

Hope the blasting ends soon!

angela said...

haha! this happened to me saturday while i was working out in the yard - a yard man came up and asked if my mom was home and i responded with the same "i AM the mom"

julie said...

That's hilarious! And while I've never had that happen to me, I am sure I will! I've been carded at the movie theater...more than once. AND, when I was 21, I had someone guess my age... he guessed 14... find out a few minutes later, that he was being nice, and really thought younger!!!