Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Midnight Hour

I've been a little surprised about how little "down/me" time I have while staying home with the babe. Don't get me wrong, I definitely do have times where I can just sit and watch TV or peruse the internet if I like...but these are usually short amounts of time. During naps, I try to get some laundry done, work on jewelry, etc.


It recently dawned on me that this is one more way that I am very much like my mother. I've always been a night person...but I realized sometime after 10:30 usually (sometimes sooner, sometimes/rarely a little later) I have some time to myself. Time when I don't feel guilty for not doing housework. Time that can't be spent with either of the men...because they're sleeping. And on nights like tonight, which would be a night we went to Starbucks and I had a Grande White Mocha (which happened to be free tonight, thanks to our new barista friend - Ryan), I'm not the least bit tired. So maybe caffeine does affect me...especially since I'm only drinking decaf coffee now, even in the mornings.

Enough riveting info. I haven't really blogged in a while and now you probably know why. There hasn't been a whole lot going on that I think anyone cares to hear about, just life, getting ready for a jewelry party, switching up Sam's schedule a little, getting to know some moms in the neighborhood, good times with Bob, small group and family.

Maybe I'll witness something funny tomorrow.

If not, at least The Office is back.



Jaci Spain said...

Enjoy the "me" time you have right now. It gets a little harder once your second one comes around because it's much harder to get a nap and typically one of them is going to wake up early so if you want a good night's sleep, you have to get to bed at a decent time:) BTW, I love your are very talented!

lil ole' me..... said...

Don't you hate those blogging slumps? I had one that lasted about 6 months. Nothing was worth posting about.

And, we LOVE The Office! :)