Monday, May 26, 2008

Jump, jump

I don't know about you, but when I lose things, I usually know where they are.

They're usually in "that place" that I keep going back to check.

The place where I think the lost item should be and quite basically, the place where I think it is.

The problem is I usually don't look thoroughly enough. Seriously. How many times has it happened that you lose something, look where think think it is/should be, look 7 different other places, look where you think it is/should be again, look 2 more places and then find it where you thought it was/should be?

Weird, right? You'd think by now I would've just decided to look very thoroughly in "that place".

So my mom likes the perfume I wear. In fact, she got a little bottle of it pretty recently. My sister also likes this perfume and has been asking for some for a while.

Mom, apparently, misplaced her new bottle and was talking about it to me the other day.
She was saying she just didn't understand. Where did it go? Did someone steal it? Did the sister who likes it "borrow" it? Did I maybe "pick it up" thinking it was mine?

Mom found the bottle today. It was in a bag she had looked in multiple times....she just hadn't looked hard enough. You should've seen her face when I reminded her of all the conclusions she had jumped to, my personally favorite being that some house guests might have gone in her bathroom, in her medicine cabinet and made off with her perfume.

Oh, Mom....
you're so funny.


Laura said...

Yea! She's been accusing me of stealing it!!! Glad to know you weren't jumping on that band-wagon with her. Thanks for sticking up for me sis! :)

Laura said...

p.s. Why would I steal her's when I have my own... and I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I was at her house/in her bathroom... Hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute...If you start wondering if someone stole your yellow earrings you'll be absolutely right! Guess who?

The Microblogologist said...

My baby sister came home and it was discovered that she did not have her gloves. She accused me and our other sister of stealing and hiding them to be mean. The next day at school she came home with her gloves. Dad asked where she found them and she admitted that they were in her locker at school. He asked her if she thought that me or middle sister had stolen them and hid them there.

Now when anyone in my family accuses someone of taking something it is suggested that perhaps it is in their locker at school or the person being accused will say they hid them in their locker at school. We are 23-25 years old so none of us have lockers at school anymore, lol.