Friday, May 30, 2008

We've Got Ourselves a Winner!

Congratulations Jaci! I'll be emailin' ya.
Technically the 15th comment is a second comment from Rachel.
Sooo... Jaci is the winner.


Rachel Callahan said...

Not to be a troublemaker or anything, but I object! I stand up for the Rachel's in the world and say that there was one comment from R.Callahan, 2 comments from R.Jones, but I looked three times, and I only saw one comment from R.Garcia, number 15 herself! Or did I totally miss her first comment?
OK now I'm feeling guilty for being a troublemaker. . .

Greta said...

If you don't count the second comment from R. Jones, then Jaci is #15.

Make sense?

I guess to avoid troublemakers ;), I should just delete duplicate comments.

Jaci Spain said...

YAY! I never win anything:) I'm so excited!

Rachel Callahan said... I get it...sorry Jaci, I'm glad you won, I just couldn't overcome the urge to defend what I thought was mistakenly turning two or three Rachel's into one Rachel ;)

Shea said...

Sad! I missed the giveaway! Love the list though, Greta! I agree with you on so many - except the cooking one!!! ;)

RDJones said...

oh man... I had no idea of all this trouble.. I didn't even know I posted twice.. so sorry for the confusion!