Friday, June 27, 2008

Still Can't Quite Believe it...

I'm being featured on Bloggy Giveaways today. If you aren't familiar with Bloggy Giveaways, you must become familiar. She hosts a diferent giveaway each day! As a product of that, she gets a ton of traffic. She found me, pretty randomly on Etsy and I'm pumped to be today's giveaway!

Check it out. And, if you're interested, my giveaway is for 3 different pieces of jewelry so you've got 3 times the chance of winning!


katieb said...

I'm commenting on this one b/c it is the most recent, but this won't have anything to do with the actual post (sorry other readers)
First, I am disgusted with myself for missing the anniversary...I kept reminding myself up until last week and then I just lost track. Went to visit my mom, blah blah blah. No excuses but I am sorry.
Second PLEASE post a picture of the new piercing. I think it's fab. Want to know what Bob thinks. I had not read your email yet when I txted you yesterday.
Last, we need to plan the July get together. Any thoughts?
I prolly should've just sent you an email, this is like a novel.
Also - I got an audition at the Alliance Theatre!

Shea said...

Dang it! I will always miss the giveaways! Cute stuff! Look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Courtney said...

wow, you're big time! i hope this sends lots of new peeps to your etsy store! hate that i missed the give away!