Monday, June 2, 2008

You Better Hurry, Apparently They're Running Out

Gas stations can be so frustrating.
And I'm not even talking about the price of gas. That's another story.

Today, I went to fill up.
As I pulled in, I noticed that most of the pumps were full. No problem...I wasn't in a rush.

I did see one pump that was open, but I was on the wrong side.
I thought I could squeeze between the two cars closest to me and finagle my way to the available refueling station.
I would've been able to except in the time it took the woman who walked in front of me to get by, another car snagged said station.

Needing to back up, I checked behind me only to see another car driving up too close, expecting me to pull forward. No such luck because now I had no where to go. And by this time, a car has aimed itself at my passenger side.

Starting to get a little frustrated, I get out of this "box" and round the corner of the station. I spot another open pump, actually two! The first one has a bag over the regular gas so I pull on forward. Just as I'm about to pull to a stop, I notice a guy in a truck who has already started turning, obviously expecting to use the same pump I am.

Politely, I back up, past the pump with the regular handle covered and begin my search again.

I finally see another opportunity. I put my blinker on (that's right folks, sometimes you have to blinker at the gas station to state your intentions). I wasn't letting anyone "unknowingly" get to this, now my 4th, pump before me. I think I turned in front of a very small truck and sadly, at this point I didn't care.

If you're the small truck, I apologize - I think I was a bit rude. But by now, I'm sure you can empathize.

So I just wanted to let you know.
Apparently they're running out.


Camille said...'re probably the nicest person ever at a gas station. You backed out of the spot to let another truck in!? I am impressed. I wouldn't worry about the small truck - you had your blinker on!!

JBL said...

Sometimes you gotta be the bull!