Friday, July 25, 2008

A Cabinet Full

It seems to me like every household has one...a cabinet FULL of coffee mugs. Yep, this is a post about coffee mugs. Over the years, the collection seems to become a mis-matched one. No longer the perfect set you received as wedding gifts, rather it becomes a montage of memories.

Take for example my parents' cabinet. Out of the 20 or so mugs they have, I believe 4 or 6 are from the set of everyday china they received as wedding gifts 33 YEARS AGO!

A few of the others have included (may or may not be in the rotation anymore):
#1 Dad
A few Christmas themed mugs in which the scene changed with the addition of hot liquid
A few handmade pottery ones
A couple Southern Living at Home pottery ones

In our cabinet you'll find the original 12 - 1 that we received 4 years ago. I'm sure that one found it's way to the garage and probably was last seen holding furniture stain or some type of car engine liquid. You'll also find a few mugs from places we have visited. That's become our thing we pick up. Some people buy magnets or pottery. We buy mugs.

Recently, I made two more additions to the collection. They came from TJ Maxx.

I've gotta tell you...I enjoy a cup or two of coffee in the morning and these have quickly become my go-to mugs. They just make me happy.

Am I the only one who has a favorite mug? I'd love to hear about your's or even better, show us a picture! If you want to post a picture, just leave a link to your post in your comment.


Laura said...

Yes! I love my mugs! I have tried to weed out the unnecessary/non-favorite ones with each of my 8 moves over the last two years, but by-golly, I have at least 1 1/2 dozen that I just can't get rid of. They're actually in a box in my next house, so I can't take a picture, but oh if I could... :)

I like the idea of picking mugs up when you travel. I kinda' do that too, but in a more broad sense. I purchase useful household, mostly kitchen items, when I travel so that I can remember my adventures with regularity. Plus, it is so much more fun to cut up onions when you're cutting board came from a random trip to Costa Rica!

Camille said...

I collect mugs too! That's my go-to souvenir item when I'm visiting places. My favorite one is a nice heavy ceramic one (the "v-shaped" kind of mugs, if that makes sense) from the Pancake Pantry in Dallas. Wes bought it for me as I was driving out of Nashville to Dallas, and I drank out of it every day while waiting for the movers to arrive with the rest of my collection. I'm not sure if you watch lost, but I also have a tall latte much with the words "not penny's boat" on it, that I adore. If you don't watch lost, that will make no sense :)

Greta said...

My green one is square around the rim and then goes into a "v"...also, I most definitely watch LOST. And that is definitely NOT Penny's boat.

Courtney said...

my favorite coffee mug was stolen from the caf. it's a lovely shade of brown, and i heart it. i "borrowed" it back in college to make some tea and eventually considered it a souvenir. man, i would love to have a full set of coffee mugs from the caf!

Carolina Mama said...

Love the Zebra! ;) Also Love my pink and white daisy one. I can work on a picture for you. Except I can't open my iPhotos right now. ;) Cute mugs make a difference!

julie said... :) scroll down to the bottom of the post to read about my favorite mug.

Angie said...

My fave is one that my bff gave me last year for Christmas. It was done for charity...different celebs painted self portraits on mugs and they are mass produced. She gave me George Clooney's so every morning I can have coffee with George..I love it!