Sunday, August 24, 2008

Broadening My Horizons

Three Obscure Olympic "Games" (that I didn't know about until this year...)

1)Group Rhythmic Gymnastics (with hoops & clubs, ropes, balls and ribbons)

2)Synchronized Diving


Did you discover any new games??


Where in the World are the Powells said...

Did you know that speed walking is an olympic sport? They "walk" a 10k (I think) and there is a male and female winner-both of the 2008 gold medalists were from Russia. I just learned about this from the news moments ago!

Ann Marie & Scott said...

ha. I watched the rythmic gymnastics finals....and I loved it. Scott just shuddered as he walked past the TV ....

Melissa said...

i discovered the trampoline, too, which was super weird to me.

i have never actually watch water polo before and i was absolutely amazed at the strength they need. crazy.

the olympic synchro diving coach used to live in moultrie (where i grew up) and he coached a ton of my friends who were all divers. it was weird to see him on tv. you gotta know i felt pretty cool, too, knowing an olympic someone.