Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Could Get Used to This

This was my first summer in 3 years. Not that I haven't been around for the summers during the past few years...I was just working, inside, for a little while in a cubicle - bleh! I was not enjoying the pool, eating Shave Ice, driving around a kid and for sure, I was not frequenting any water parks. That was until this summer.

I made the most excellent decision to buy a season pass to our local water park, Splash Beach. Normally, I'm not the season pass type of girl but apparently having kids changes you. (For the record, if I were childless, not working and home for some reason - why would that be?! - this season pass would still be a great idea).

Today marks the last time Sam and I will be headed to Splash Beach this summer. In honor of that, I'd like to share a few things I've learned.

1) It is a poor financial decision to buy a one-time pass to Splash Beach or Alabama Adventures.

One-time, one park pass = $29.99
One-time, combo pass = $33.99

One park season pass = $49.99 (I just so happened to buy mine when they had a deal going. I got two extra one time passes!)
Combo season pass = $69.99

2) There are some very committed employees at SB. They usually work in the parking attendant's hut OR as security guards checking coolers, not necessarily as lifeguards.
3) There is usually some funky smell at Splash Beach. We're thinking there's a cow pasture nearby.
4) $7.00+ french fries do exist. They may be delicious but I'll never know.
5) Not everyone is very conscious about their bathing suit covering them....

And a few pictures (of course):


Laura said... really seems you had a great time. It's so sad when good time comes to an end, isn't it? I'm sure good moments will follow on your life.

(Thanks for participating on my Giveaway. I'm subscribing to your blog).

Shea said...

Hate we missed out on the fun this summer! Maybe we will join you next year!

Lindsay said...

Eli and I might have to get a pass next year and join in the fun :).

Courtney said...

6) Shaving unwanted body hair is often a pre-requisite for beach goers...just not at SB.

also, now we know that the smell comes from the horse meat stewing at the dog food plant nearby. yum.

lil ole' me..... said...

Looks like a great way to pass the summer- even with the expensive fries and lazy lifeguards!!!