Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pillow Talk

I'm serious y'all. We're changing the world, one late night conversation at a time.

Bob: I had no idea how to spell Chihuahua until I saw Courtney's blog...talking about...

Me: Martini?

Bob: Yea.

Me: How did you think it was spelled?

Bob: Just like it sounds. Not like Chi-who-yeeah-who-yeeah.

Me: So, like Chew-wa-wa?

Bob: Yea, like the 7-11, mini-mart WaWa...but with Chew before it.

Me: Ahhh, ChewWaWa.

Bob: Uh-huh, not Chi-who-yeaah-hooah, Chi-hue-ah-yeaah. ChewWaWa.


Kristin said...

These are my favorite couple far. Don't worry, I bet Bob isn't the only one who didn't know how to spell chihuahua..... If you didn't konw that it came from Mexico of course you would spell it Chew-wawa or Chuwawa Being the dorky linguist that I am, I looked up the etymology for you,

dog breed, 1858, from the city and state in Mexico, said to be from a lost native word that meant "dry place."

It is also a state in Northern Mexico....

probably has an influence from the Aztec Language Nahuatl....ok Kristin Stop.

I'm done.

Keep it coming with the intellectual insights of Bobgretasam!

lil ole' me..... said...

Very stimulating conversation....
I don't know if I would have spelled chihuahua right.. actually, as I type it, I know I wouldn't have...

Courtney said...

you learned something from me! ha!! don't worry. i probably had to google it first.

Shannon said...

don't you just love those conversations :).... you learn so much about each other and it is always such a deep talk :)
it was fun hanging out today!!!

Jennifer said...

LOL!!!! Hilarious!
Tell Bob not to worry, there may be people out there who know how to spell chihuahua, but don't know beans about how to fix a car. And the latter is by far a much more useful and profitable piece of information!