Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sometimes Referred to as the Orangutan Stage



Alicia said...

Wow, Sam is doing sooo good! I love watching babies walk! So cute!
Shiloh JUST started officially walking in the past two weeks...even though she took her first steps over a month and a half ago!
Has Sam started climbing yet?? About the same time Shiloh started walking she decided to take on the couch.

RDJones said...

oh that made my night. I love it

sisdes2 said...

How exciting to see Sam walking! I can't wait to get back to AL to see all of you. Love, MM

Lauren said...

"Whoop..whoa! Nope, totally meant to do that, just checking to make sure all our doors are sound. Whoop...whoa! No, I'm just ensuring that diapers are still adequate padding for falling on your bum. We're good!"

Lauren said...

Yeah, I like to narrate kids' thoughts based on their facial expressions and what they're doing. It's a sickness, really. ;o)

Rachel Garcia said...

you are going to have to get that floor fixed.. its not safe if it keeps jumping at your kids and knocking them down.

just a thought.
and can i just say how adorable this video is. now on to baby proofing your house.. YET AGAIN.