Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome to Moes

It was like a geyser.

Sitting there stunned for a few seconds, I wondered what was going on.

Then, the geyser erupted again.....and again.

My poor little one was spewing all over the floor of Moes. It was sudden and came without any type of warning. In fact, he never did act sick.

Dear mom and son sitting in the booth behind us,
I truly hope you were able to finish your meal without the nauseous feeling I had. Son, I hope you just thought this was "cool" and will enjoy telling your friends about it at school tomorrow. Mom, I know you have experienced this type of thing many, many times and I appreciate your understanding of the situation.

Thanks again,
The young mom with puke on her pants.

Dear Moes employee,
I'm sorry you were the one who happened to be closest to the mop.

We probably won't see y'all for a while,
The lady with the baby who puked all over the floor at lunch today.


lil ole' me..... said...

Oh no!
Gotta tell ya though... this was probably the cutest way you could have posted about a not so cute situation!

Lauren said...

Ha, that is no fun. Mac threw up all over a guy during Matthew's match day a few years ago. This poor guy had to go up on the stage to get his envelope with puked up cheerios all over his khakis.

Rachel Callahan said...

Nice. At least Moe's looks about the same coming up as going down.

Bek* said...

hahahaha. sad. don't you love it when you're by yourself and stuff like that happens.

Greta said...

Well, luckily we weren't alone. My parents were eating lunch with us. Mom was outside on the phone but my dad witnessed the whole thing.

Annnnd, luckily Sam hadn't eaten Moes. He had peas, apples and cherries - yum! (Baby food also looks about the same going in as it does coming up though).

Courtney said...

sad! poor little guy and poor you! so, is he actually sick, or was it one of those weird things? charlotte threw up massively right before bed last week - out of nowhere. what's the deal with these babies?

Shea said...

So sorry that happened! Was he sick for long? And, cute pic you submitted to that contest by the way! Such a great photographer!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, Amy Beth threw up Saturday night for no apparent reason, and was right as rain every since. Fortunately for me, we were at home, and Preston was holding her - not so fortunate for Preston since he was also at home and the one holding the puking baby. However, at this point it was just formula. Not too gross.

Oh and by the way...Tag! You're it! I tagged you on my blog in a game of Blog Tag. Check out my blog to find out what you need to do next! : )