Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Decisions, Decisions (Will You Take the Time to Get Informed?)

I'm not entirely sure that I want to get into a political debate here, on this blog. In fact, after the time it took me to type that, I decided I am sure I do NOT want to get into a debate.

Reason #1 - I respect your opinions even if we do not have the same ones.
Reason #2 - Nothing good is accomplished by a "comment war" on who should be the next president.
Reason #3 - "Comment wars" can get started really quickly - so for that reason, any disrespectful comment, or comment from an anonymous reader without a profile, or who's profile is private, will be deleted.

Soooo...I'm going to try and steer clear of all that. What I would like to do is present some links to information you mind find helpful when researching and deciding which candidates to vote for.

Disclaimer: I am, by no means, claiming to be an expert political analyst. I will do my best to provide non-biased information or at least keep them even (one right-wing analyst's report for one left-wing's report). This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of information...just trying to point you to some facts.

And for the sake of my own interest, and who knows, maybe your's too, make sure you vote in the poll (RSS readers, click here) in the right column. It is completely anonymous and I have no way of knowing who voted which way.

~ Obama - McCain Comparisons (Scroll down to see Biography, Issue & Trivia comparisions)
~ Bullet-pointed Summary of Ideas on Big Topics (Obama & McCain)
~ Palin Vs. Obama
~ Video of Bob Barr (link to Bek*'s blog)
~ An article about Barr from Politics mag

More to come as I find it...

One last thing. Here's an interesting post entitled, "Can Christians Support Abortion?" It speaks for itself. He links to an article about Bonhoeffer (Dietrich) on abortion, which is definitely worth reading.

Remember, while I welcome your comments , please keep them respectful (or they'll be deleted!)


Bek* said...

this is amazing (and not just because i'm linked :)!!) but i love the respectful and adult way of going about it. doesn't happen as much as it should!

Bek* said...

and since i'm linked for that specific video...there is a newer one where bob was back on the show for another full hour...

anyone interested can watch it here for in six parts:


Lauren said...

Interesting links/articles/videos - thanks for passing them all along! Although, I will say that while the side-by-side comparison sites are generally the easiest to read to get info on candidates' positions, most of them are incredibly and quietly biased; let's hope that people are able to wade through the semantics and spin, or better yet, head directly to each candidates' respective official website (where, again, I acknowledge there's a good bit of spin to sort through). Strong work, ma'am.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my post "Can Christians Support Abortion?"

I like what you're doing here. Thanks to you I've added a Pickens Plan banner on my blog.