Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drop a T, Switch the O and the E

After dinner the other night, Bob broke out this huge tub of chocolate chip cookie dough that I got at Sam's. Here is the conversation that ensued while he was eating straight out of the tub.

B - "This is the kind of stuff I used to eat until I got sick, as a kid."
G - "But you still do until you're miserable."
B - "No, this was different. I was only eating so much of it because it was good."
G - "Yea, that's called gluttony."
B - "The yogurt I eat is glutton-free!!"

G - "Mmm...that would be gluten-free, babe."


Cannonicity said...

Thats so funny...Hubs are funny sometimes. One time we were driving past a "unisex"salon. And Josh asked "I wonder if the give male pedigree's there"
I said..."I think you mean pedicures babe"
Hehe....Just wait till Sam can talk!
Is he saying any words yet? I am sure he is!

Rachel Garcia said...

that made me laugh out loud.. too cute.