Monday, September 22, 2008

I Like to Try New Things

Really...I do. Especially when it comes to varieties of things I already know I like. Daring, right!? I know, I'm crazy.

One of the things I know I like is liquid coffee creamer. Don't gi-me-nun-a-dat powdered junk.

Coffee Mate (Click for a coupon) or International Delight. I'm really not THAT picky. (Hold on to that thought).

Recently, we ran out of liquid creamer. While picking out a new bottle, I decided I'd be a little know, try a new flavor/variety of something I already know I like. I picked this up.

Vanilla Caramel Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer
Sounds pretty good right?

I'm not saying it's bad, but even when used in very small portions, drinking your coffee tastes like this...
Interesting sidenote: This guy threw up halfway through drinking the bottle....hmmmm.

As for the Carter household, we'll not make this mistake again. Although I can't promise we'll always stick with Old Faithful a.k.a. Hazelnut, we won't be purchasing Vanilla Caramel again.

P.S. This is great and available at Sam's...maybe other places too. It's creamer that doesn't have to be refrigerated. Perfect for work, parties or if your fridge is just crammed full!


Melissa said...

i am a big fan of the creme brule (sp?) coffeemate, but it is a bit strong. thanks for the coupon! always tastes better. the starbucks cup may be just a bit over the top; however, i can't get any stranger looks that the one i got today when i went to the bathroom @ publix with vale in the baby bjorn. i mean, i had no other options, right? there may be a blog coming about that experience...

Cannonicity said...

JOsh Like that Kind...can you believe it! Too sweet for me BLEH

Anonymous said...

if we bought better drink it.

Your Husband...who is currently at work for the sake of the family.

Jenna said...


and this is why i keep comin' back for more...or shall i say, "fo mo"

Kara-KSS Photography said...

Greta, you should try the coconut creme coffeemate, it is sooo good. Not sure if you'll think it's too sweet :-)

Brad and Lindsey Bridges said...

Must be a hazelnut preference in the Plonk gene pool, because that's Brad's favorite creamer too! Hope you all are doing well!!!

Lauren said...

Okay, so I know you wrote this forever ago, but I just poured some coffee creamer down the drain, and it made me think of this post! I think it's the caramel flavors that are so awful and overbearing. I can't get enough hazelnut or vanilla - never can be too much of that stuff - but the flavors with caramel...I swear, I could just *smell* them and it's almost too much.

PS to melissa - I go in public bathrooms while wearing my child quite often. What else are you going to do with them?