Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Being Featured

Over at Carolina Mama, I'm giving away a Charley bracelet and a pair of Palmer earrings.

Take a moment, stop what you're doing and make your way over to that giveaway!


Alicia said...

My mom is currently making a little lamb costume for her. However, everytime I talk to her she tells me how she won't be offended if we don't use it after seeing it...apparently it's very "boring"??
How about Sam? What will he be this Halloween?
Also, I noticed there is a couple on your blog list that recently adopted. If want to pass this webiste on to them it's a group of photographers who have come together to do free sessions for families who have adopted in the past year. There are photographers 13 in Alabama so if they wanted to do it I'm sure they can find someone close the them.

Alicia said...

I just realized I spelled celebrating wrong... ...and it's (dot)org not (dot)com. Ooops!

Katie Lyons said...

I entered! Those are gorgeous!

katieb said...

Hi!! Once again, a comment un-related to the blog post...thanks for your message made my day that you're thinking about me as I get ready to travel. Personally I'm having major anxiety but hopefully will get over it in the next 24 hours. Anyway, i want to make sure I know when Sam's b-day partay is. We will DEF be there. And if you're not having one then we're coming over anyway and we'll celebrate with just the 5 of us ;)
I don't know why I do this instead of just send you an email....prob. b/c I think of things I want to tell you while lurking on your blog. BTW - you are not a chunk!
Hugs and kisses!