Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thankless Job # 47

Road Construction Slow/Stop Guy
Often referred to as a Road Construction Crew Flagger.


CarolinaMama said...

So true.

Those sweet potato fries look great. We have a recipe but it involves slicing those tough sweet potatoes.

Rachel said...

For the record, I always make a habit of waving a thank you at flaggers and signers. I feel bad for them and want to let them know that I appreciate them.
Especially when I come up on a construction site with NO flaggers and I'm all of a sudden swerving to miss them, which has happened twice recently - and once on the interstate last week!!!
I thank you, flagmen!

Courtney said...

hi! i hope sam is feeling better ! (saw your facebook status) mcm has been sick too. just letting you know that i tagged you for a meme. if you're sick of memes, don't feel like you must post!

Greta said...

I wave at them too. Since both of US are waving at them, maybe others do too and maybe we shouldn't feel as badly for them as we do....just a thought.

Bek* said...

i always wave

lil ole' me..... said...

Do you think the last person arriving to work that day gets the job or do they draw straws?