Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Think it Didn't Cross My Mind

I don't go to the ATM often but I did go this week. And instead of driving all the way over to "our" bank, I just went to one that was nearby, accepted that I would be charged a transaction fee and knew that we could get it back later.

Maybe this isn't all that strange, but the ATM I went to didn't require me to leave my card in the slot while entering my PIN and choosing how much to withdraw. I just shoved it in and swiped it back out, like at the gas station). That's all fine and good, until you get your money (and receipt if you need one) and start to drive off.

But wait! Don't drive off yet because the next screen that pops up next asks
"Finished with this transaction? Push this button ----->
Not done yet? Push this button ----->".
You're still "logged in"!

In case you're thinking, "yea, that screen probably only stays up for about 2 seconds", don't be fooled my friends. The only reason I knew not to drive away after getting my cash (remember, I already had my card because you just shove it in and swipe it out - like at the gas station) was because that screen was showing when I pulled up behind the lady ahead of me.

So two things I learned today at this particular ATM:
1 - If I ever get cash from there again, make sure to push the button next to "Finished with this transaction?"!
2 - The video cameras that have on ATMs probably do come in handy quite often!


Camille said...

The Chase ATMs I go to here in Dallas are like that - you don't leave your card in and it goes through the whole "finished with the transaction" screen thing. Usually I only do one transaction, but a few times I've done more than one, and it made me re-enter my PIN before going forward. I think this is how they get away with not making you leave your card in, or else it would be a huge security risk!

Greta said...

Ok, that makes a lot of sense AND makes me feel better.
Thanks for the clarification!

lil ole' me..... said...

Oooh, that is scary.
I would have totally driven off without noticing that.

I hope the Camille is right and they would ask you to re enter your pin.

Melissa said...


hey, thanks for all the lovely and encouraging comments you've been leaving me on my blog. it really means so much...i know josh and laura have been thankful to have you and bob around as well.

seriously. thanks.