Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Everyone Looks Better in the Soft Glow of Christmas Lights

And that is why we all love them, right?

Well that may not be the only reason...but I don't think it hurts.

I, for one, loooooove Christmas decorations (especially the lights). Every Christmas Eve, after having scouted out the neighborhoods with the most houses decorated, we drive around and enjoy the beautiful lights. And if I'm lucky, there's a hot drink in my hands.

Sam is already exhibiting an affinity for the lights. I love it! He can spot them from quite a distance. How do we know he sees them? All of a sudden, there is wheezing, followed by squeals of delight, bursting forth from the back seat.

So, because of my love of Christmas decorations, I've decided to host a little "tour of homes", if you will. I realize not everyone has their Christmas decorations up yet, or maybe you've got your tree up and nothing else, ahem, like me. BUT, I'm giving you a little heads-up.

Here's how it'll work.
YOU - post some pictures of your Christmas decor.
I - post some of my Christmas decor, along with a Mr. Linky on Friday, December 5th (although you can link up after that), inviting you to leave a link to your post with the decor pictures.

It's easy and it'll be a fun way for everyone to share a little bit of Christmas lights spirit.

Well go on, get to decorating.


Ann Marie said...

oh what a fun idea! however i wont have time to do anything before Friday! :( Im dying to, but i have finals this week too!
maybe i'll post a pic of the Jones house and my cubicle at work...so far thats all thats decorated! :)

Camille said...

This will be fun!!!!!! We're (hopefully) putting the lights on the outside of the house this weekend!

Cannonicity said...

oh I am so excited! I love displaying my Christmas fiesta in my house! I still need to put up my tree though!
And thanks for the comment on my giveaway! I have you and my friend Lindsay to thank for getting me interested in Jewelery making to begin with!

lil ole' me..... said...

Oh, I hope I can participate.
My goal was to have the house unpacked by Thanksgiving so I could decorate for Christmas easily....

Needless to say, that has not happened. I can't imagine where I will put Christmas decorations and a tree without all these boxes gone.

I'm dying to get them up though... nothing better than sitting by the soft glow of the lights at night with a cup of cocoa!!!

Shannon said...

I am friends with Julie from Green Eggs and Hammes and will definitely be doing this! PS did you ever get the spa sample kit in the mail from the contest you won on my calligraphy site?

Jennifer said...

LOL! I was thinking your title EXACTLY earlier tonight while rocking Amy Beth to sleep (I know I know. Rocking them to sleep is a no-no, but she's teething and needed some help settling down tonight. And she is my third and -according to my husband - last baby, so I'll rock her if I want to. But I digress). Anyway, as beautiful as she already is, in the glow of the lights, sound asleep in my arms, she took my breath away. I think it will be one of my favorite Christmas memories. It was just a special moment.

Great idea by the way!

Elaine said...
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