Monday, December 22, 2008

How Do YOU Relax?

Saturday morning, I left a napping Sam with Bob and headed to get a massage. (My mother-in-law is generous enough to provide me with occasional gift cards to this particular spa).
Anyway, Bob needed me to make a deposit for work while I was out.

I headed to the drive thru and had the following conversation with the teller, who was a jolly, happy, late-60s woman.

Teller: Good morning!! Are you out Christmas shopping?!

Me: No ma'am. I'm actually going to get a massage :).

Teller: (pause) Did you say a scotch? (Doing the drinking hand motion. You know what I'm talking about.)

Me: Hahaha, no, no, a ma-ssage.

Teller: Oh, ha! And maybe a scotch afterwards??

No. No scotch afterwards. Just the massage.


Laura said...

giggle giggle

julie said...

this made me laugh very hard... :)

Alicia said...

hmmm, I wonder what kind of day she was having ;)

That's hilarious!

Ann Marie said...

hahaha! thats great! i dont think alcohol and massages mix well...

Jenna said...

does anyone in our generation drink scotch??? that seems so old school.

and who responds the the question, "are you out christmas shopping?"
"no, ma'am. i'm just getting my drink on."

Melissa said...

so funny! thomas is a scotch nazi, so if you're ever in the mood...come on over to crestwood and we can hook you up.

my mother in law gave me two prenatal massages when i was pregnant with vale. they saved my life. i love, love, love massages and it has been way too long since i have had one. you've inspired me. i may use a bit of christmas money to indulge.

Lauren said...

That is hilarious. I guess we know how the teller unwinds after a long day. ;o)

lil ole' me..... said...

That's funny! I like how she did the drinking motion too! :)