Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That

We're going to my parents' house for Christmas and I can hardly wait! If things go according to their plan, this will be our last Christmas in that house...the house my sisters and I grew up in. (My parents are hoping to sell this year and move to AL permanently).

We have a few more gifts to buy, well I should clarify, we have a few more to decide on. However, short of those, I'm done shopping and I've only got a couple more to wrap. And, I love wrapping gifts so I actually have that to look forward to.

My house is a wreck (well mainly upstairs) and I just cannot get motivated to change that.

Sam is getting his molars. Poor little guy. I can feel how swollen his gums are and it just makes me hurt. Will the teething ever end?!?!

Some of our really good friends just got engaged this week. Bob and I are so excited for them and can't wait to see them in person to celebrate. It has brought back good memories for us of when we were first engaged.

At our Small Group Christmas party this week, we played Party Playoff. I'm quite a fan of games...of any type, really. Bob, on the other hand...notsomuch. However, he did enjoy this game. We had a weird coincedence occur. For the game, you pick a few winners (think like the NCAA bracket). Well, Bob and I both chose all the same bracket winners, including the "champion". Weird....

Ok, I told ya this was gonna be a little hodge-podge. If you're still reading, bless you.
Is it Friday yet?


julie said...

bless me? thanks! i was still reading. ;)

and i've got to be honest... i almost cried a little thinking of your parents selling their house. i feel like i grew up there for a little bit too. but yay that they are moving to AL permanently! very cool :)

merry christmas, greta!!!

Lollie said...

I want to see you when you are at your parent's for Christmas!!!!

Ann Marie said...

Party Playoff is so fun!! we played it a Jon and Kristins the other night too!

Lindsay said...

We liked the game, too! And J.C. is also not usually an enthusiastic gamer, but that's one that he liked. We'll have to play it again one night.

Steven & Tiffany said...

I wish we could have been there for the party! We miss you guys! Steven doesn't love games either, but I do. You guys should try Mad Gab, it's pretty funny! Steven even likes to play it on occasion. We hope to see you on the 28th!