Monday, December 29, 2008

One Man's Trash is Usually Sam's Treasure

Let's not discuss how longs it's been since I actually blogged about something of significance...or how much longer it'll be. I guess that's a bit of a subjective statement.

Anyway, we went to my parents' house in GA for Christmas this year. Generally, we have a "rule" that we do Christmas at our house. Anyone is welcome to come but we don't care to subject ourselves to traveling all over I-20 on or around Christmas day. Not that that's what happened this year either...

However, this was hopefully/sadly the last Christmas in my parents' house in GA (the house my sisters and I grew up in). Because of that, we decided to make an exception, generous folk that we are, and travel for Christmas. We had a great time. It's always good to have the whole family together and see friends we haven't gotten to see in a while. And while my sweet husband definitely sacrificed this year, being away from his family and his home for Christmas, I benefited greatly. (Thanks babe - it meant a whole, whole lot.)

Sam wasn't quite as into opening presents as we might've guessed. However, he did enjoy the boxes. His favorite gifts, as deemed by the amount of time they occupied him - as in, maybe 3-5 minutes, are follows.

A pack of styrofoam cups. Yes, really.

And the plastic wrap that went around this sleeping pad. Why is it always the trash??
Oh, and he also enjoyed trying to get his new sleeping bag (quite possibly the cutest gift) back into the stuff sack. I do not think he was successful. I can't wait to use it! Maybe if we cinch him in tight enough, he'll stay put.


Kara-KSS Photography said...

so funny Greta!

Courtney said...

so funny. charlotte is the exact same way. she had lots of christmas fun with boxes, wrapping paper, plastic cups, confetti...why do we spend money on presents in the first place?

so, wanna get together next week? i'm all about starting up some playdates for the new year!

Melissa said...

Love it. Vale found everyone's bows on their presents this year and crawled around the room ripping them off. It was by far the best treat of Christmas morning. I am glad that Thomas and I decided to forgo any presents for her this year. Are we bad parents? Maybe, but we saved a bunch of cash :)

I love the sleeping bag! How fun!