Monday, December 15, 2008

Truly Made to Order

Recent conversation at our favorite, local Mexican restaurant.

Me: I'd like the Taco Salad, with chicken, please.

Authentic Waiter: You want everything with it?

Me: Um, no guacamole.

Authentic Waiter: Sour cream?

Me: Yes. But could I please get it on the side?

Authentic Waiter (nods): Lettuce?

Me: Yeeesss, I do want lettuce.


Rachel said...

Hey, at least she was thorough!!!

Stacey said...

haha, i'm the same way with my taco salad. Chicken, no guacomole, no olives, add beans, and please put the sour cream on the side...That's what I call, "have it your way"!

Rachel Garcia said...

no guac?? what?? thats insane? lol.. it wasn't until I had homemade guacamole that i fell in love with it.. you gotta try it.

Katie said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Rachel G. about the're missing out!!

Jenna said...

i TOTALLY had to comment on the "no guac" as well. you have not LIVED until you've had good guacamole. my husband didn't like it until i made it for him and now he requests it often.

if you are ever in town for a DG conference, i'll make it for you, okay?

and, yes. it IS funny that you were asked if you'd like any lettuce with your salad.

reminds me of this:


i think i'm posting it on my blog immediately

Greta said...

A little clarification...

I do not despise guacamole. In fact, I quite enjoy a good batch. I just didn't want it on my taco salad. The chicken seasoning is delicious without any help from the guac ;).