Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dude, Your Pants are Falling Down

Do you remember when you were a teenager, still living at home and anxious to stay out late - especially at times like New Year's?

Well, I remember wondering why my parents weren't on board with the idea and what the big deal was. Yes, I knew people tended to drink quite a bit on New Year's, but I had never seen this steady stream of drunk drivers, out on the roads, late at night, hunting young teenage girls.

Fast forward to yesterday....New Year's, 2009.

Driving home after running some errands, we were stuck behind a car that seemed to be having quite a bit of trouble every time we had to stop. Bob and I figured they were driving a 5-speed and just struggling. At the next stop light, they stalled no less than 5 times. We became suspicious. Then an up-standing young man, holding a large dark glass, opens the door and promptly closes it back. They stall out a couple more times and the passenger gets out.

His pants fall down. He is unphased.

He goes around to the driver's side obviously expecting to show the driver how it's done. As we drove around them, it was quite apparent these fellas were still enjoying their New Year's Eve celebration. Both looked wasted. As we passed them, Bob slowed down and rolled down my window a little. I suggested we just keep driving (you know, they're wasted, it's my side and we have a baby in the car).

We passed them, drove a little further up the road and pulled over. We were thinking we could get their license plate and call them in, you know, do our civic duty. Well, they flew by so quickly that even between the two of us, we couldn't be sure of what the plate was. They pulled a U-turn in the middle of the road, flew back by and turned onto a busy highway.

The best part is, there was a cop sitting at the intersection where this was all happening. Maybe he noticed and followed them after they turned...but it didn't look like it.


Melissa said...



well, hopefully the cop noticed and wasn't suffering from his own left over new year's eve hang over.

The Microblogologist said...

Hope they are organ donors.

Anonymous said...


@The Microblogologist: I wouldn't want their organs, from the sounds of it!