Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes, I Want the Fat Milk

There's a Starbucks pretty close to our house. Because of that, it's the one we frequent the most often. And because of THAT, we're fairly recognizable to most of the staff (i.e. we know each other's names, some of them know what we order, Sam usually draws quite a bit of attention to us etc.)

So I'm in the other day to buy a pound of coffee. While I'm there, why not get a drink too, right? The guy asks if I need the coffee ground. I say, "no thanks, but I would like a grande caramel macchiato."

He rings it all up. I hand him my black card and money. And then he asks if I want non-fat milk or "anything".

This leads me to a couple conclusions.
1-This guy probably isn't married.
2-If he is, he and his wife didn't date long and she still has a lot to teach him.
3-This guy probably hasn't gotten many, "dude, you just don't say that to a girl" talks from his buddies.
4-I must still be in the is-she-fat-or-pregnant-fat-or-pregnant-which-one-is-it??? stage.


Rachel Garcia said...

or he is truly just a cruel individual.. LOL.

I'm gonna guess he's clueless. But wow..that is pretty funny. not sure how low fat milk is going to make a caramel whatever that was.. any more healthy.. ;-)

Lauren said...

Aw, I bet he just said that because most girls probably do order their coffees non-fat, and he may have thought you forgot. (Although your speculation that his wife/fiancee/gf has not adequately taught him what not to say to a girl is not that far-fetched.)

I do not order my coffees "light." To me, especially with a Starbuck's drink, that's like getting a Big Mac meal supersized... with a diet coke. And if I'm going to enjoy a grande (okay, sometimes venti) espresso truffle or mocha frappucino, then I want to actually ENJOY it. So no non-fat or Splenda for me - blegh.

(Speaking of guys saying ridiculous things to girls, let me just share that during Matthew's first year here, he was in lab and a girl came in rather damp. He said, "Oh, is it raining?" to which she replied, "No, I just worked out before I came." He said - I wish I were kidding - "Oh. Well, that's okay. I sweat a lot too!"

Yeeeeaaahhh, he doesn't have any sisters.)

Ann Marie said...

oh sad!! but funny!
poor guy...hopefully he is NOT married or dating and will learn quickly!

Camille Platt said...

nice. that reminds me of some of the funny lessons daniel has taught his pharmacy technician, who is in high school:

1) you don't take your prom date to TGI Friday's (if you hope she will still want to date you after the fact)

2) you don't complain to women about HOW they do the dishes (ie: leaving the water running, thus wasting it). you say "THANK YOU for doing the dishes, honey!"

i married a wise man.

Jaci Spain said...

That is so funny! I like the "fat" milk too:)

Lindsay said...

That's funny! I get the full-fat Starbucks, too.

Bek* said...

it's like in napolean dynamite when he asks the girl if she's drinking 1% milk because she thinks she's fat. but he follows it up with "you could totally drink 2% if you wanted to."

melissa richie said...

i love it. i wanna know what your response to him was :)

i just don't enjoy starbucks as much if i get the skinny kind. i can make that at home!

full fat all the way.

Rachel said...

I feel your pain. Chris always gets Diet Coke and I always get regular Coke. When the waiter/ress brings our drinks, over half the time they give me the Diet and him the regular. Do they just assume that girls are ALWAYS on a diet?

julie said...

"Why do you look like your in such a bad mood?" - the idiot at Hibbett Sports trying to SELL me something and I didnt have make up on. fools....