Monday, June 29, 2009

Creeper at the Pool

I attract creepers...I just do. Something about me being pregnant (even though stuff like this seems to happen even when I'm not pregnant) just attracts creepers.

Sam and I were at the pool this morning with my friend Laura. (Yes, this time there was a witness to the creepiness).
We were minding our own business, playing near the stairs when I notice this boy, maybe 13ish, floating underwater very close by...with goggles. So I'm of course suspicious because there's not a whole lot for him to be doing other than me...underwater.

He pops up and looks at me, with the creepy eyes and asks, "Sooo, hmmm, are you pregnant?"
"Yes I am", I respond while keeping an eye on him AND on Sam.
"For how long? Uh, Imean how far are you?" creeper asks as he eases closer.
"8 months" I say, backing up.
"Mmm, so not much longer then..." he sort of asks.
"Nope, not too much longer" I say backing up some more as he eyes my belly.
It's important to note here that I'm wearing a two-piece suit...which is something I'm currently re-thinking.

I decide it's time to get the heck away from this creepy kid before he reaches out and rubs my belly Sam out of the pool and take a little break for some juice and a snack.
I do and the kid kind of slinks away...if you can slink in a pool.

So we get back in a few minutes later and he comes back.
Popping up from underwater, he asks, "How many are in there?!" It may have just been me imagining it, but I think his eyes were kind of bugging out.
I look up at Laura and repeat his question while sort of laughing.
I tell him there's just one.
He asks if it's a boy or a girl and I tell him boy, intentionally being short in an effort to wrap up this little convo we're having.

Then, he slowly sinks back underwater while I'm left standing there feeling like I showed up to school naked...and pregnant.


Jaci Spain said...

OH MY GOSH! GROSS!!! That is SO weird!

I also seem to attract creepers! When I was at an AL gymnastics meet a few months ago, I suddenly look a few rows down from me and see a middle age creepy guy with a long-lensed camera. He suddenly points right at me and starts taking pictures of me! I was freaking out!

Lindsay said...


Kristina said...

ok seriously what is wrong with people? ugh

Lauren said...

Wow. Just wow. I'm so sorry that I laughed at that, because that's really creepy and strange.

Rachel said...

Oh yikes. . . that is creepy. But at least he was only 13. Would have been much worse if he were like. . .20something.

And the last line made me laugh out lloud :)

Anonymous said...

hahahha I wish I had been there. :)

- Julie

Ann Marie said...

wow. that IS creepy! but funny too...sorry...

Marie said...

VERY creepy!