Monday, June 8, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

From the sewing room of the wonderful Sew Jenna, I give you, a picture of my custom-made, amazingly-cool, can't-wait-to-use-it, nursing cover! It is so well made, has an adjustable neck-strap, AND boning around the neck so you see your baby. I'm probably way too excited about it :).

Curious as to which fabrics those are? Ok, I'll tell you. On the front, Amy Butler's Lotus Lacework Grey and on the back, Amy Butler's Lotus Full Moon Polka Dot Lime.

I've enjoyed Jenna's blog for quite some time now. I found her through Molly's blog. (Don't you like how I call them by their first names like I actually know them? I don't think it would creep Jenna out, but I don't know about Molly. Molly, if you're reading this, please don't be creeped out).

Anyway, Jenna has a most excellent sense of humor, 3 adorable kids with another on the way and I, basically, think she rocks. Granted, we've never met in real life...but you can tell a lot about a person from their blog people. You can tell a lot.

So, with that said...
1-You should subscribe to and/or start reading Jenna's blog. It just may change your life.
2-If you are, or know of anyone who is, in need of a nursing cover, you should seriously consider ordering one from Jenna. Her prices are super competitive and you get to pick your fabric, or fabric combo should you go the reversible route (like I did...who doesn't want a little variety in their life?)
Interested in ordering? Just email Jenna at jennascheetz(at)gmail(dot)com.

Oh, I should mention that to Jenna's, and my, shock and horror, Amy Butler has discontinued both of the fabrics used on my cover. However, if you just HAVE to have one or both of them, I recommend checking Etsy.


Lindsay said...

How do you order from her? I've been shopping around for nursing covers and that one looks great! I went to her site but didn't see a way to order.

Greta said...

Of course that would've been a nice thing to include.

You can visit her crafty blog - and just leave a comment on any post letting her know you're interested in ordering. Just leave your email address and she'll get in touch with ya!

jay&jeanna said...

That is such a cute nursing cover! A friend of mine gave me hers since she's not using it anymore, and I love it! It's really convenient to use when we're out, although I have to be careful because my child loves to pull it all over the place with his hands while he nurses! :)

Jenna said...

hey greta!

thanks for posting this. i've been sewing like a madwoman for a few days and haven't really spent as much time online.

i knew i liked you when i started reading your blog, but "don't gi-me-nun-dat powdered stuff" completely sealed the deal. you always make me laugh. so, thank you for that, too.