Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where Shopping is a Pleasure

I may have mentioned my love of Publix here before.
I'd like to expound on that.

1. Well-stocked, delicious, fresh produce section.

2. Free cookies for kids.
Said cookies are quite tasty and a little too big for my kid to eat the whole thing by himself. Bonus.

3. Free balloons for kids.

4. Free diapers in the bathroom.

5. Tons of samples.

6. Jack's Salsa.

7. Extremely friendly, basically hospitable, employees.

8. Fresh-made sushi.

9. Publix Baby Club which sends great coupons periodically.

10. Some of the best wedding cake I've ever had.

What am I leaving out that makes Publix special to you?


Lindsay said...

Ah, yes. The wedding cake is delish. That's where we got ours!

Don't forget the ever so enthusiastic and insistent baggers that help you out to your car (Kristin's favorite :)).

julie said...

none of that up here.

i want a publix.

Laura said...

Just found out about a friend who has three small children and is pregnant with the fourth... Publix let's her call in her order, she waits x amount of time, and pulls up to the front door with said kiddos while the Publix employees load her car and swipe her VISA. Convenient!

Camille said...

ahhhh I miss Publix!

Lauren said...

I, too, love the produce at Publix, and the baggers that help you out to your car, which is really helpful with little ones. I also like that I can find things there that I don't find at some other mainstream grocery stores.

But I don't shop there very often, because ours is a little trickier to get in and out of, and their non-sale prices are so much higher than other places.

Oh, and our Kroger has Jack's. It's ridiculous. M and I can finish an entire tub of that stuff in one meal.

Greta said...

I hate to disagree with you guys but I too, am not a fan of the insistent baggers.
Maybe I'll feel differently when this second babe comes along, but I doubt it.

I consider it a personal victory each time I get out of Publix without a bagger pushing my cart or accompanying me to put my bags in my car.

And Lauren, we don't even have Kroger...forget a Kroger with Jack's. (I also don't shop at Publix as much as I would like to for the same reasons you mentioned BUT they do have great BOGO - 1/2 off deals).

Camille said...

As a former Publix bagger, I apologize on behalf of the insistent ones. However, in defense of them, they are lectured constantly about taking out customers' groceries because it is supposed to be, for lack of a better word, mandatory.

As a former Publix front end manager, I can assure you that their job is to watch the baggers and get on them when they let a customer leave with their own groceries. Especially a customer with babies. I'm not kidding, they are trained that they are supposed to just get behind the cart and say "which way to your car?" Publix baggers also aren't allowed to accept tips, because it's not supposed to be a discretionary service.

Grocery taker-outers is something I miss about Pubilx. I'm lucky if I actually have a bagger at my Kroger, let alone a bagger who manages to mumble "you got this?" while looking at the floor.

Jaci Spain said...

Oh my gosh Greta, I am SO with you! The insistent baggers drive me NUTS! As much as I LOVE Publix, I do hate feeling pressured by them to "help" me get my stuff to the car. It makes me feel stressed and hurried. I would much rather just do it on my own:)

Greta said...

Camille - thanks for the insider point of view. If I were Publix, I don't know what I'd do...I guess keep on insisting b/c the pros of shopping at Publix definitely outweight the con of the insistent bagger. Also, as evidenced in these comments, some shoppers REALLY appreciate the baggers.

Michael said...

I LOVE the baggers!!!! I would shop at Publix for all of my groceries if I could afford there higher prices. But when I do go, I definitely make use of the baggers. And I appreciate that they have posted everywhere that they do not accept tips. I love them but I would never use them if I felt that I had to tip them.

angela said...

they have free diapers in the bathrooms? i didn't know that!

christiejones said...

Okay, didn't know about the free cookies or free balloons!! Although we have gotten free coloring books and crayons.
And I used to be with you Jaci and Greta. I didn't care for the somewhat awkward feeling I had with the bagger help to the car, but then one day I gave in and have completely embraced it. Why fight it? Enjoy the stroll out to the car and get the kid(s) in the car while they put your groceries in the back. It's wonderful.

Courtney said...

G, how can you not love the baggers? Wait until you are 9 months preggers, and you will tell a different story. As long as I don't have to tip them, I consider it a total luxury for someone else to push my cart and unload it while I strap my kid in the car seat and turn on the air conditioner. Ahh! Even last night, I had to do a late night grocery run, and I wasn't the least bit creeped out in the dark parking lot, because my nice bagger helped me out. Love Publix! Not to mention Nestle Toll House cookies were buy one get one free...