Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maybe I'll Get a Copy for Free

So I've decided I need Photoshop.

At least Photoshop Elements.
That's right, I said need even though we all know I don't really need it.

I can't really justify buying it. Well, I can't justify it at all but I would love to have it. Who knows...maybe I'll get it as a Christmas present??

I just started an online tutorial given by this lady (and I can't even remember how I found her website...).
To be honest, I knew nothing about Photoshop before I started so it's been fun to learn in an organized fashion. I downloaded the free trial of Photoshop Elements and have been messing around with it, but again, I really had no idea what I was doing.

So, for the next week or so, when I find some free time, which will probably be during Sam's naps on days I'm not napping, I'll be honing my Photoshop Element skills.

And if you're a Photoshop dealer with a free copy to send me, I would love to test it out for you. I promise I'll give it a good review ;).


Lauren said...

I have Photoshop elements, but unfortunately I don't know how to use it. Turns out, not worth the money if you can't do anything with it. ;o) Thanks for the link on the tutorials!

Rachel said...

It took me a few months to really "get" Photoshop Elements, but I love it. It's what I use to do all of the blog designs that I do, and it is REALLY nifty for that (makes it all super easy). I of course also like the photo editing tools, although there are a few obvious things that it CAN'T do that always surprise me.

Good luck with getting a free copy!!! :)

Carolina Mama said...

Just popping by to say Hi - it's been a while and Congratulations on your pregnancy! :) Very cool you're taking the tutorials. Good luck!

Kara-KSS Photography said...

so glad you posted on this! I just bought photoshop elements from costco. I had a 30 off coupon, which made it 50..score!
I also bought some online tutorials, but I still feel like i am learning a new language and can't seem to find the time to just focus on it. i'm gonna check out the link you posted!

Anonymous said...


Photoshop giveaway.