Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garmin Gone Wrong

I got the cutest little GPS system almost two years ago.
It's just now starting to work...and by work, I mean it gives me constant directions in the car...and by directions, I mean it sounds like this.

"Vat way, vat way, vat way...vis way, vis way".
"Tun weft, Momma, tun weft?"
"Poleet cah (police car) vat way."
"Sam house - vat way."

That's right, Sam has become my very own "Garmin gone wrong". (He hasn't quite gotten his right and left down). Bob hit the nail on the head the other day by equating Sam to the perfect blend of a Garmin gone wrong and a smoke detector with dead batteries.

**Please enjoy this old, yet appropriate pictures.**


melissa richie said...

that's really funny. i bet it would be even funnier to actually follow his directions one day :) that would certainly be an adventure!

yes. play date. soon.

Rachel said...

Isn't it amazing how opinionated they get so early on about driving? I really was surprised.

Now Ali wants to know where everything is. Hoover, Homewood, etc. And, for fear of her learning the WRONG idea of where we live at an early age, I have taught her, quite accurately, that we live in "Unincorporated Jefferson County."

Courtney said...

charlotte does the same thing, only her directions always involve landmarks she likes. she gets VERY unhappy when i go the "wrong" way.

Laura said...

Totally cracking up here at my desk. :) Miss you guys!