Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Guess I'm Now Responsible for Disciplining the Public at Large

As I was emptying the car today, i.e. loading the kids into the double stroller to head into the mall, Sam pointed to a discarded cup (read: repeated "cup, cup, cup" about 15 times) in the parking space beside us. I told him, "yep, someone left their trash there and they shouldn't do that", to which he responded, "time out?"

So now I'm wondering if this kid thinks I have the power to put anyone in time out! (Wouldn't that be nice?)


Where in the World are the Powells said...

I can certainly think of quite a few people I would put in time out if I was able!!!

Rachel said...

Too cute!

Yes, that would be a useful superpower to have...."SuperMommy Puts The World in Time-Out!!!"