Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Couple Things that Make a Big Difference

Imagine the alternatives. There could be catastrophic ramifications.

Microwaving on 50% instead of full power
Sandwich size zip-loc bags vs. snack size
Whip cream on coffee drinks
Having a coffee filter
Putting on marker caps - think small children
Having an extra diaper...AND wipes
Remebering to take your wallet into the grocery store
A few sheets of toilet paper

Can you think of any others?


Rachel said...

not biting your lip while eating.

blowing out your advent calendar candles before leaving the house.

having your transmission in drive instead of reverse.

Chocolate in milk.

Lauren said...

the am/pm indicator on your alarm setting

the last 1/2 inch on the freezer door swinging shut

(for my babies) hitting the "repeat play" button on the CD player with the white noise CD at bedtime

Laura said...

putting the lid ALL the way back on your peppermint hot chocolate

clicking reply vs reply all

laying that sweater flat to dry

rinsing the conditioner out of your hair

melissa richie said...

the heel of the loaf of bread when all vale wants (will eat) is cinnamon toast for breakfast

one sip left in a water bottle when tylenol doesn't go down on the first try

closing the last foot of the bedroom curtains before getting undressed

Anonymous said...

Having you for my daughter! I love you and am so proud of you! Ebee

Jenna said...

i think my fave is "reply vs. reply all". so true.

all i can think of is the position of the toilet seat (up or down).