Monday, December 21, 2009

Is it Three Years Before Something Becomes a Tradition?

I guess I took yesterday off from blogging...
Everyone ok with that? Alright, good.

We've been trying to decide what Christmas traditions we want to do with the boys. So far, we're thinking:
-open one gift on Christmas Eve, which will most likely be pajamas (a friend of mine did this growing up, I always wanted to open one gift on C.E. so this sounds like a compromise)
-taking the kids to get a pic with Santa...this is spear-headed by my mother-in-law and this year it went great...last year, notsomuch.
-bake a cake for baby Jesus (this year, it'll be a "cahaaaake wid m'n'ms!!!"
-Christmas Eve, go to the C.E. service, come home and open the one gift, get in PJs, hot chocolate for Sam, coffee for me and Bob, nothing for Grey just yet and we'll drive around looking at lights
-praying for families who send us a Christmas card (this isn't meant to exclude, it's just helpful to show the kids who we're praying for)

I think that's what we're looking at for this year. What about you? Any cool traditions you and your family do/have done in the past?
My friend Tyler also blogged about traditions. Honestly, he beat me to the punch and he's a lot funnier than I am anyway. That's why I didn't tell you about it until the end of this post.


The Lucky Couple said...

Your daily blogs are my source of entertainment during my many periods of boredom at work. So for that I say thank you.

Dusty and I had the traditions conversation yesterday after church. We're still trying to come up with our own as well. Here are a few we think we're going to instill....

-Christmas PJs that we open on Christmas eve.

-Not going to a C.E. service and instead having our own service in our "piano room" drinking hot chocolate and singing carols together while Dusty plays them on the piano.

-Have the kids read the Christmas story to the family on C.E.

-Maybe have the family sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning.

-And I think I might "steal" your Christmas card prayer idea and since I'm stealing it from you, your family will be one that we pray for this year.

Jenna said...

finally catching up on blogs...can you tell?


-it's our third year of cutting down a tree with a couple who are some of are dearest friends.

-i let the kids eat cookies whenever they want on Christmas (probably not jillian, though)

-i WANT to go to church in the a.m., but we don't have a morning service. i grew up going to church Christmas morning BEFORE opening gifts (but after opening stockings). it was a huge message to us as to what was most important. AND i loved the delayed gratification aspect. all the other kids at church were done w/ their gifts, but we still had ours ahead. i loved that.

-cutting snowflakes. i'll try to blog about this. promise.

melissa richie said...

I loved your traditions. Especially the praying for the friends on our Christmas cards. We didn't do that this year, but I think I'll punch a hole in the cards and put them through a ring so we can look at them throughout the year and pray for everyone. I hate throwing away cards, so this will be a great alternative!

1) We have an advent calendar that has a manger scene on it. Every morning after breakfast Vale gets to open the door with that day's date and there are two gummy vitamins in it :) She gets really excited and we talk about how Jesus's Birthday is on the last day.

2) We also have an advent wreath on our kitchen table that we light at each meal. We try to read Luke 2 at breakfast and dinner along with the advent reading for the day that our church gives out. I hope by next year Vale will be able to know most of it by heart (maybe I will, too!)

3) We do stockings instead of presents in our little family. It helps simplify!

4) I also have a specific meal that I've made ever since we've been married on the night we get our Christmas tree. We made it a bit later this year, but it's so good and kicks of the season!

Greta said...

So I forgot a couple other ones. Duh.
Christmas Day, we go eat at Waffle House with my family.
We're going to video the kids (just Sam this year, obviously) when they walk in the living room and see "Santa" gifts, which will be unwrapped.
We've been reading Luke 2 every morning at breakfast, and I'm with you Melissa, I'm hoping Sam will have it memorized by next year.
I also just decided we're gonna play out the story with our nativity set one night this week, or maybe Christmas morning. You know, cue Mary & Joseph, then out pops Baby Jesus, here comes the angel, then the shepherds and wait for it, wait for it, there are the wise men! (Exciting, right?!)

Rachel said...

We opened our gifts from our siblings on Christmas Eve - that way we were truly appreciative to each other and they didn't get lost in the shuffle. If Ali ever gets around to getting a sibling, I think I will reincorporate this tradition.