Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Day James Spann Got it Right

I feel for the guy, I really do, but his predictions usually end up being quite liberal.
This time, he got it right.
And here we are enjoying it :).

I loved this. Grey did not.

Our hill.
Between the free Dora 4-wheeler, my old Cozy Coupe and the authentic sled, what do you think traveled the fastest? Vintage Cozy Coupe, friends. I'm so proud.

Wow, check out that snowman!

And a picture to show the actual size of the snowman.

Sam and Ya-Ya catching snow.
(You're welcome, Laura).

Sam and me. Wonder why he's making such a weird face...

Ya-Ya and me. So glad she got to be here for the "snow day"!

Snow babies. I love a baby in a toboggan.


julie said...

ok - the snowman pictures made me laugh so stinkin' hard.

and the boys look SUPER cute in their hats & outfits (especially grey's - why is it i can't find something so cute for levi up here in snow-land... but down in 'bama, you can?)

and i LOVE that you have your old cozy coupe. that's amazing.

how fun that laura & your mom could be there :)

Bek* said...

greta...adorable pictures!

p.s. we should go to lunch someday

Lindsay said...

Great pictures! Sam and Grey are too cute in their snow outfits.

I'm so sad that my kids were at the grandparents for the snow day. I had a baby shower that I was throwing Saturday and sent them over there so I could get everything ready. Oh well. Maybe we'll get some more snow next year.

Greta said...

Julie - completely unintentional with the snowman but I thought it was pretty funny too.
Laura got Sam that hat in Spain (I believe), so not really from the South ;). And the coats were $5 at Walmart...nice.
Dad was here too, just not in any pics.

Rebekah - i think about that frequently. maybe sometime in the next couple weeks???

Lindsay - Sam was at his grandparents' last year for our one snow day. i was totally bummed.

melissa richie said...

oh, man. that snowman picture made my morning. i checked your blog as i was walking out of the house and it kept me giggle for a while!

i also love sam's "weird" face. so funny!

Laura said...

Love it all! And yes, the hat and gloves were purchased in Spain, but at an H&M, so Julie, you too can find such wonders here in the States. :)

So glad you put the snow catching picture up there. I kinda' want to print it out and frame it!

Go Cozy Coupe!!!