Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moon Pie, Whaaat?

My dad has taken on the arduous task of introducing Sam to any and all kinds of dessert. (Love you, Dad!)

Last weekend, Sam learned about Moon Pies. For some reason, he just started saying this...


"Moon Pie, whaaaat?" And he thinks this video is hilarious.


Camille said...

Oh wow, that is precious.

Have you ever microwaved a Moon Pie? Yummm.

thestantons said...

oh that sam! i love him. wish you were closer so we could play all the time. in just a few weeks, we'll play for a couple of days, that is way better than nothing!!

Cannonicity said...

WOW he is sooo big! And he is right it is hilarious!

Jenna said...

just catching up on blogs...

I hate to admit this, but I hadn't read your last THREE. So, I have to ask what you do instead of Google Reader? I know what you mean about how it adds up, but I'm glad it's there so that I can go back and catch up. Some blogs, I just "mark as read" if I want to stay subscribed w/o actually reading every post. But, I read all of yours...eventually.

It's so hard to stay up on stuff when you have an infant and a toddler.

Oh...and girls are just as messy as boys. They aren't that different in my experience.

One way to keep my floors feeling clean is to wear socks...;)