Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Are We Going to Da Gah-dens?"

A couple weekends ago, we headed over to Atlanta to take my sister to the Botanical Gardens to celebrate her birthday. She was extremely flexible and understanding about celebrating a couple weeks after her actual b-day (which was the weekend we were in Gatlinburg). Thanks Laura!

We had a great time! The gardens were beautiful, as was the weather. We had a delicious, albeit crazy, lunch afterwards and as always, wished we could hang out longer.
Here are a few shots from the day.

And at lunch...a mere seconds before an epic breakdown from this precious little one. Deceptive? Yep.

Grey enjoying a little Ya-Ya time.


Laura said...

Yay! I so loved my birthday! Thank you a whole, whole lot for making the trek over to Georgia and then into Atlanta to come celebrate with me. It was so special to have you all in my neighborhood. I love you!!!

Lauren said...

Love the pictures - those last few of the boys are so sweet. :) Sam looks sooooo much like you.

Rachel said...

The Botanical Gardens look awesome! We've been to Piedmont park but never inside the gardens... looks fun!