Monday, April 12, 2010


I woke up early Saturday morning to Bob stirring and eventually getting out of bed around 6. 6 a.m. On Saturday! Needless to say, I did not get up then.

I did end up getting up around 8:00 and that's because Bob couldn't contain his excitement. Excitement about what you may wonder. About going to look at a minivan.

We had planned on going to Panera, part of our Saturday routine, then running a few other errands. Those other errands quickly became going to look at this van.

The rest of the day went a lot like this:
Cinnamon Crunch Bagel, French Toast bagel, hazelnut cream cheese, Dr. Pepper and coffee.
Talk about buying a minivan.
Talk about missions.
Talk about spending money....on a minivan.
Talk about missions.
Talk about how we're going to need a minivan in about 6 months.
Pretty day, minus the pollen. Long drive.
Passed one of these.
Got swarmed by used car salesmen.
Checked out the minivan.
Was shocked at how forward the little Asian lady was who pratically got in the van while we were very obviously checking it out.
Test drive.
Awkward conversation with salesman.
Almost walked out without further discussion when salesman came back with first number.
All the back and forth you expect at a car dealership.
Held our ground. (Super easy when you honestly do not want to buy the vehicle.)
Got deal down to a number we were comfortable with discussing.
Left the dealership.
Saw this again. (Guess that guy was just driving up and down the same stretch of road all day.)
Decided to buy the van.
Went to decorate for a baby shower.
Cut grass. Motorcycle ride.
Traded in Altima.
Got a ticket to the Indy Race.
Got keys to the minivan.
Became part of a not-so-elite club of proud "iVan" owners.


Alicia said...

Maybe you'll end up liking it. My mom still drives a minivan even though it's been 10 years since she had kids at home ;)

Natalie said...

Mmmmmm, I loved my minivan. Too bad we were too big for it in such a short amount of time because I totally ♥ minivans.
And I totally feel ya on the husband harping on vehicle thing. That is what I live with.
Good luck!

melissa richie said...

I am actually jealous. I really want one :) As soon as Thomas's car dies (the car he's been driving since he was 15) we'll be making the purchase.

I'll have to find out where you got yours and all the rest of the details! Congrats!

Lauren said...

you forgot the make and model. that is important info.

Greta said...

Lauren, Honda Odyssey

Rachel said...

Wow....congrats! I can't say I'm jealous...but congrats! :)

Jess the Mess said...

See, I am jealous. We've been talking about buying a minivan for a little while now. It's taken me about a year to warm up to the idea but I think I'd enjoy the extra room on trips. The Honda Odyssey was our top choice, as well. How's the gas mileage?

Lauren said...

Congrats on your new ride! You should post pics!

I seriously love my minivan. People keep asking us lately how many more children we're having (because apparently, when you're 37 weeks pregnant and enormous, the most logical questions for veritable strangers to ask is, "Soooo, how many more times are you going to do this?"), and I actually had a little pity-party last night thinking about how if we pass 4, we'll have to upgrade to a monster van or something.

I heart my minivan, and I bet you soon will too. Embrace it. Love it. Name it. Let it become a part of the family. :) You know, grind some cheerios into the floor upholstery. May as well get that part over with, you know?