Monday, June 21, 2010


These dads wrestle and hug.
They teach and instruct.

These dads give fives and "pounds".
They give spankings and time-outs, too.

These dads work hard...really, really hard.
They also slow down and observe.

These dads know about cars, home improvement, finances, electronics, and building stuff.
They know about honesty, integrity, loyalty, sacrifice, and family.
They know how to be men.

These dads have made me who I am...then bettered that person.
These dads are molding and shaping my children.
They're leading my family.

These dads love.


Happy Father's Day to the dads in my life. You may never realize the impact you've had and are having on me and my family.

Thank you for all the things you think go unnoticed.


julie said...

ok, first of all: you made me cry.
and second: i love love love that picture! frame-able!

Anonymous said...

Several observations 1. I think I have the same shirt on in every picture. 2. I love the way Sam and Grey are framing the picture with their arms. 3. I look just like my dad....crazy.

I love u 2.