Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To North Carolina and Back in 2 1/2 Days

Wanna try something tiring? Take an 800 mile roadtrip, with these two precious babes,

in 2 1/2 days, sleep in adjoining rooms, stay at a house with more breakable antiques than you can count...oh, and be pregnant.

We took a trip to North Carolina last weekend to see grandparents, meet Brad and Lindsey's (our cousins) new baby, Shiloh, and say "see you later" to those same cousins who are headed to Uruguay in 13 days!

Really, it wasn't too bad. Grey sleeps like a champ in the car and when he's not sleeping, he's pretty content anyway. Sam is content for quite a while watching his DVD player, eating, or identifying each and every truck or contruction vehicle we see on the interstate.

It was great to see our grandparents and let the kids have some more great-grandparent time.

We were thankful to get to say "see you later" to Brad, Lindsey and Shiloh. And it was fun letting the kids, well really Sam, do some of the stuff that my sisters and I have such great memories of from our trips to visit our grandparents.

We went to the barn to feed the cows,

ate at Bridges BBQ,

and played on the spiral staircase. I'm not sure why, but that staircase provided hours of entertainment for us growing up.

And for the record, the extra space the iVan provided was wonderful. Bob, maybe I'm coming around. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you came to visit, even though it was a loooong drive! We loved seeing all of you, even for a brief time. Love to you all.