Thursday, July 8, 2010

It Snuck Up On Me

Sam, you're sneaky. Sneaky when it comes to growing up, not necessarily sneaky in general. You're too loud for that.

Sometime in the last few months you went and got all little boy on us. It's so neat to see you growing up but sometimes it makes me sad when I can't remember exactly how you were when you were a baby. Thankfully I have thousands of pictures to refer back to...and quite a bit of video.

You speak really well and your vocabulary frequently impresses me. Sometimes you break out with these phrases, which I have no idea where you heard, and it cracks me up. Just yesterday, I was putting your shoes on and you ran off with just one. As I tried to get you to come back to put the other one on you asked, "What's a boy without his shoe?" Then, I asked you to repeat yourself and with this cute little smile on your face, you giggled and said it again.

Where does that come from??

You never sit still....unless you're watching Thomas, Bob the Builder or "engines" with Daddy...and that's not for too long b/c they have commercials. You run everywhere, talk a mile a minute, and you've discovered the power of the question, "why?"

Because of those things, you often narrate for your trains and other vehicles, straight from Thomas, you imitate the exact way the machines talk on Bob the Builder, you have lots of scrapes on your knees and elbows, you know a little bit about a lot of stuff, and sometimes make your dad and me look at each other in desperation. I hope it doesn't offend you that we sometimes wish you had an off button...or "but-non" as you would say.

You have recently learned to identify all the letters of the alphabet and love "doing ABCs" on the computer. You count accurately for the most part, grasping the fact that each item gets one number. Like I mentioned earlier, your vocab is huge and you use your tenses pretty well, too.

At this age, you seem to have quite a few frustrations that are often expressed through whining. We are so not fans of this. However, you love to help out. You like to tell me you love me and then ask if it makes me happy, again with that cute little smile. You like to take shave ices to Daddy...even if you don't get your own. When you slow down to watch TV, you like to snuggle. You have gotten really good at using nice manners when you want to. You can recognize when we're joking with you. You run over to give me a hug when I get hurt (like today when Grey bit me). And your laugh, especially when you're being tickled, is awesome.

Your dad and I love you so much. You are so smart, have a sweet personality, are sensitive to discipline, and love your little brothers. By the way, this may or may not last, but Grey thinks you're hilarious.


Laura said...

Yea Buddy, you're almost three! Love you little "Samness".

melissa richie said...

Please frame that picture of Bob and Sam on the hill. It brought tears to my eyes.

As did the rest of this post. I loved reading about Sam through your eyes.

Makes me excited to watch Beck grow!