Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a Little Time Away

Come Sunday morning, I'm leaving on a jet plane.

By myself.
As in, without the kids. I'd take Bob if I could, but the poor guy has to work.

My middle sister, Laura, is flying out of Atlanta and we're meeting up in Colorado to go visit my youngest sister, Julie, who's working here for the summer.

It'll be a short trip, but I can hardly wait. I can't remember the last time we had just sister time. Plus, I could really use a little time to myself. I have never looked forward to a plane ride with more anticipation. Scratch that, I was more excited about my honeymoon flight.

I'm so excited to see Julie since she's been gone all summer. I'm excited to see where she's worked the last few summers. And I'm excited to have some time with Laura and Julie.

It should be a blast! Maybe I'll even have a couple good pictures to share when I get back.


Rachel said...

That's so awesome!! I'm trying to work on something similar, except without sisters, since I have none. I hope y'all have a great time!

Laura said...

WAHOO!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the three of you have a wonderful time together - as I know you will! Pray you and Laura have a safe trip.Give each other a hug for me. Love to all of you. MM

bed frame said...
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Megan said...

I really like getting together with my sister, It's really great. I know a lot of fun waiting for you there, Good luck and enjoy

Pamela said...

A family bonding is happier than friends. Its nice to be here. Good luck to your trip. Keep on posting. I will keep visiting here.