Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poop Goes in the Potty - Take 2

Get ready for some fast forward.

Saturday - packed up and drove to the beach. 4 1/2 hour drive. We stopped 5 times between Sam and me and he kept his diaper dry.

Sunday - Started underwear only, no diapers even at night. Lots of poop accidents, lots of tee-tee in the potty. Quite a bit of resistance from Sam too. Dry after nap (2 1/2 hours).

Monday-Wednesday - Pretty much the same. We watched him like a hawk, scooped him up and put him on the toilet when we saw an accident happening. Some tee-tee on the floor, a little bit in the underwear, lots in the toilet. He seemed to be getting the hang of that. One poop in the potty which resulted in this.

Next time, we will not reward so quickly, but heck, we were desperate. Ya feel me?
At some point during these three days, Sam went to the bathroom 10 times while we were trying to eat lunch. Ten.times. And something came out every time. To answer what you must be thinking, we couldn't get him to stay on the toilet and empty all the way out....so, we I took him...10 times. (Again, dry after nap).

Thursday - Melt down. Apparently he wanted to stand up like Daddy but couldn't communicate that in the heat of the moment (the melt down) so there was lots of poop in the underwear, pee on the floor of the bathroom, lots of screaming and crying, lots of Bob looking at me and me looking at Bob with the "what the heck do we do with this?" look. (Dry after nap).

A couple times this week, Bob took Sam in the bathroom with him to show him how all aspects of going to the bathroom.
Two of Sam's most repeatable responses were...
1 - Loooook, it's a baby and its momma!!!
2 - Oh, that's a BIG ol' poop!

Friday - We eased off a little, things went better. I don't think we had any tee-tee accidents. (Dry after nap).

Saturday - Headed home. Made lots of stops with the Lightning potty. Had a little bit of tee-tee in the underwear but it was the kind where he started, realized it and stopped.

And then we entered the pit of hell.
Take 3 will be up tomorrow.

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Laura said...

LOL, now that is a true cliff-hanger, b/c I was there for the beach week... did it get WORSE?